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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that come up pretty often. If you'd like more details please feel free to reach out and talk to us personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

But I don’t make games for kids! I’m not sure I need this, I mean I make games for adults or for families!?

Let’s get real.

Kids, tweens and teens play your games! And they should be!

It may be unintended, but it’s literally statistically impossible to imagine that your audience includes only those over 18. More than 88% of American’s between the ages of 13 to 17 have their own or direct access to a mobile device. And nearly three-quarters 72% of teens play video games on their phone.

That’s literally millions of players that you’re ignoring or missing out on. With an average conversion rate of 2% in the industry, that’s bonkers.

Overspending, parental anxiety are impacting your bottom line, reviews, bounce rate and your rebates.

That teens are spending their time and money on video games should come as no surprise, they used to be the largest target market for the industry when a turn at the arcade was a quarter or when an Xbox was a Christmas present. Because kids built the gaming industry.

Because teens and tweens have the most disposable income!

Think about it, that’s why pop music sucks (we’re old now at Itavio). But that’s because we’re not the target market anymore. Games have had a difficult time accessing younger players because they lack credit cards and no one wants to limit their games to young players exclusively.

That’s why we built Itavio, so your younger players can access permission to spend. Without relying on nag power from their parents. You can continue to get the rewards associated with the free to play model with your adult audiences without literally taking candy from babies.

Do the right thing.

I’m an indie developer, user acquisition is really high, I’m struggling to find ways to market my game, can you help?

Absolutely, we designed our platform to help you grow. Contact us here and let’s chat about how we can get your game into the wild and into the hands of players. 

I’ve been told I should start telling all my players how to turn off in app purchases, will that fix the problem?

It certainly ensures that there’s a number of players who are likely never to spend. Between all or nothing, there’s Itavio. We enable you to tell your customers how to opt-in to spending.

How does Itavio help me evaluate my game performance more effectively?

With insights around your player’s budget you can set better performance benchmarks, forecast with real numbers, and see your potential revenue. 

Do you support Android and iOS?

Absolutely, we’re cross platform!

Are you guys taking a piece of transactions?

No way! We used to make games, giving another slice to another publishers, licensor or storefront just isn’t in the cards.

I’m a game maker and a dad/mom. How is this an actual problem? Shouldn’t parents just pay more attention to what their kids are doing?

Well that’s what we’re here for to help parents do just that.

And if you have a solution that doesn’t include planking on the back of the couch, watching every interaction kids are making with a mobile device in hand, turning off in app purchases altogether and increasing friction at every part of the funnel – you should patent it and move to Silicon Valley. Immediately. Seriously.

Do players have to give you credit card information? Is there money being debited from their accounts right away?

No. We don’t collect any credit card information from anyone. We’re a permissions platform, leaving kids free to make purchasing decisions with their pre-approved budgets in mind.

I’m really interested in how I can use this information to make my games better, how do I do that?

We’re so happy you asked! We have features which allows you to understand your player’s desire to spend and to price your IAPs more intelligently. We’ll work with you on that, and as part of our beta we will ask you to test out our automated and dynamic pricing engine in order to help you get back to making games

I’m worried about COPPA and being sued for targeting kids, what do I do?

The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge that you and we as an industry have one. Let’s work together with parents to fix it.

I’ve got a number of plugins for analyzing my players, does your plugin help me market more effectively?

In short, yes.

There are a number of analytic tools out there, but none of them put your player’s and their wallets first. Most of these tools have been built so you can optimize the way you look at and segment your players, or figure out where and why people stopped playing your games based on a number of data points. Then you can make design changes, or optimize a tutorial. And it does work, at least a little.

We believe player focus matters.

Wouldn’t you rather use a tool that helps you tailor market to your audience based on their intention to spend instead of these on size fits all approaches? Teens and tweens are valuable players who require a different purchasing experience than adults.

Right now as an industry we’re also all guessing at our user segments, the next logical step in the industry to adapt and focus on true segments so you can adapt your game accordingly and get your  best players paying.

Anything else on your mind? Contact us!

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