Why we do what we do

Building games isn't easy. We know. We're here to help.We're former game makers. We believe in helping you put your players first.

We Are

Veteran game developers, writers, artists and players! Making games isn't easy, and dealing with customer complaints and rebates is difficult. We are passionate about family, games and equilibrium. We are revolutionaries who see that it is possible for parents, kids and game developers to happily co-exist. We’re here to create that world.

We Believe

Games should be fun. Kids love to play, adults should play more.  Kids should be empowered to manage their time and their money. We can build trust in games again. Parents will know that when kids are playing your games they’re in good hands. 

We Do

Game studios get a bad rap and a lot of negative press over accidental over-spending in games. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  When you choose to support Itavio with our plug in you are giving your players a better option than turning off in app purchases, while making your game fun and fair for everyone.

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