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We built Itavio for you and your family. Why? To make your hectic life a lot easier. Itavio helps you manage your kids spending and play time in those so called "free to play" games. Join the movement! Sign up and we'll notify you when it's released.



Why Itavio?


Easy to set up and ready for your convenience.


We provide you with the tools to manage your kid's playtime and spending.

Multiple Devices

Don't fret about what kind of phone you have, we have you covered.

Absolutely Free

Oh, did we miss that part?

Parents said

  • We were freaked out about how much time our daughter was playing games. I have to disconnect the wifi at night so she can't sneak our iPad into her room to play games when we're asleep!

    Sleepless Mom
  • Getting the kids ready for school is a nightmare. They’re getting notifications at 7 a.m. that their farms or their armies are ready or something. It’s a distraction I don’t want to fight about; I just want it not to be an issue.

    Dad on the clock
  • I opened my credit card bill and saw I had been charged more than $700 bucks! I’m pretty sure my kid didn’t even know what she was doing. When I told her, she was pretty upset too. Now whenever she plays a game, I feel like I have to watch her play. And she feels like I don’t trust her. It’s all very stressful.

    Tapped out Mom

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