Team is Everything

Former game makers and avid players, from table top to tablet. They live and breathe games.

Matt Pichette


With over 17 years of experience as a CTO, architect and software engineer, Matt is a veteran of multiple start ups. He often rocks a bowtie at the office, enjoys a good weekend with the family at the camp, and is surprisingly capable of surviving in the wilderness for days at a time. Listed as an inventor on a few pending patents, Matt would have likely turned evil genius had he not had an inherent kindness.

Melani Flanagan


With over a decade of experience in operations, content creation and producing, Mel is a dangerous generalist. Formerly VP of Operations of a gaming studio, Mel has also written and produced a number of games, documentaries, and commercials. Passion is her fashion, and she’s best at work when she’s on the move. Enthusiasm has been known to escape her in the form of spontaneous dance breaks. Hard work and think tank problems are where she likes to live.

John Nguyen

Business Development Director

Sporting a man ban non-ironically, John’s passion for games has no limits. With 8 years of experience in business development, he’s a serial entrepreneur and a veteran of several start-ups, even one he took public. Oh and he has a law degree too, but don’t hold that against him.

Caroline Corbett-Thompson

Marketing Director

Born in Spain with stints in London, Caroline is the go-to storytelling guru. Can be found deep in a constant NPR hole, annoyed at people who equate Virginia Wolfe as ‘chick lit’ and scrolling through Reddit for anything interesting the Internet has left behind, Caroline is known to have an opinion and an emoji for everything.


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