It pays to play fair.

You can’t afford to ignore your largest audience. Let’s make it easy for parents to say yes to your game. Sign up for our info pack.


The Problem

Teens and tweens are a huge segment of your players, whether you are marketing to them directly or not. And guess what, their parents think pretty much all games are for kids. Shiny icons? Cute characters? Yup, that’s a kid’s game.

Games get negative press over accidental overspending and one of the biggest causes of bad ratings is from angry parents. That’s bad for your bounce rate and for games. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to make life easier for everyone. With Itavio, parents can let their kids play with confidence and an allowance. Leaving you free to make your game fun, fair and priced right for everyone!


  • Reward

    Monetize your audience more effectively with permissions already established and reward those paying players more effectively for re-engagement.

  • Know

    Understand your players. See future revenue so you can set the right price at the right time. Compatible with existing solutions like Flurry and Swrve.

  • Celebrate

    Benefit from improved reviews and no more negative press, don’t be the game that gets called out for unethical practices.

  • Trust

    Build better relationships with your players by giving parents what they need for their kids to game on!

How it Works

Step 1 – Integrate our SDK. It is simple and composed of three calls. You’ll automatically become part of our network. Parents will be notified that your game now supports their allowance.

Step 2 – Keep being awesome and release your game with confidence. You’ve got this.

Step 3 – Get notified with our get balance feature on Itavio users so you can form better relationship with your customers and target your pricing accordingly. Reward those players to keep them in game!

Step 4 – Players who have not yet signed up for our app will be prompted with an option to do so within your game. Don’t worry, we’re former game developers so we don’t break immersion. Other players ignore the prompt and move on while Itavio hums invisibly in the background.


Free for Revolutionaries

Itavio is here to make the world of gaming better. Period. That’s why we’re not charging game studios or parents to support our allowance features! We’ve got more for game studios and publishers on the way to help you better understand your customer segments.