We Care

  • We are

    Veteran game developers, writers, artists and players! We have lived through the evolution of mobile games, seen the beauty in its potential as well as the downsides that no one really wants to talk about. We are passionate about family, games and equilibrium. We are middle-path type revolutionaries who see that it is possible for parents, kids and game developers to happily co-exist. We’re here to create that world.

  • We believe

    Games should be fun. This underscores our approach to everything. Kids love to play, adults should play more. Seriously. It’s good for the soul. But there’s got to be balance between mobile device time and real life. The phone and tablet revolution moved so much faster than any of us anticipated. Parents of tweens and teens are constantly catching up. There’s a lot of discomfort and anxiety. At the same time kids should be learning to be independent, with guidance to manage their time and their money. We can help you do all those things. We want to instill trust that when your kids are on their mobile devices they’re in good hands. Yours and ours.

  • We do

    Fairness is our game, balancing the scales is our business. Game studios get a bad rap and a lot of negative press over accidental over-spending in games. The free-to-play model for games does have its problems. But it doesn’t have to be that way. No one really thinks that the people who create the awesome games you and your kids love don’t need to get paid. But when you choose games that support Itavio you can feel comfortable knowing that the people who built those games espouse the same beliefs that we all have – that games should be fun and fair.

Meet the team

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    Is like

    Lightning in a bottle.

    Melani Flanagan CEO/Co-Founder

    With over a decade of experience in operations, content creation and producing, Mel is a dangerous generalist. Formerly VP of Operations of a gaming studio, Mel has also written and produced a number of games, documentaries, and commercials. Passion is her fashion, and she’s best at work when she’s on the move. Enthusiasm has been known to escape her in the form of spontaneous dance breaks. Hard work and think tank problems are where she likes to live.

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    No one knows, he mumbles.

    Matt Pichette CTO/Co-Founder

    With over 15 years of experience as a CTO, architect and software engineer, Matt is a veteran of multiple start ups. He often rocks a bowtie at the office, enjoys a good weekend with the family at the camp, and is surprisingly capable of surviving in the wilderness for days at a time. Listed as an inventor on a few pending patents, Matt would have likely turned evil genius had he not had an inherent kindness.

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    To drink wine.

    Madison Savoie-Tremblay Graphic Designer

    An artist whose illustrations are only limited by her boundless imagination. Madison is our content creating guru, a user interface designer in the making who shapes our messaging into its pretty packaging. She prefers her coffee to be coffee flavoured. Period. We have her to thank anytime we look good.