Itavio takes the guesswork out of game economics

A new way to monetise your core players. With us, you can increase revenue, retention and re-engagement. We make game economics look easy.  

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The Invisible Market You're Ignoring

One thing is for sure - you need to get parents on your side. In this whitepaper, we show you how to engage with them so you can boost your profit margins.  

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See your revenues grow with our pricing tools and SDKs. Discover, connect and engage with new audiences to drive growth. 


By analyzing how your audience engages with your game, we can build a strategy to drive growth for your ARPUs.


Engage and retain new players with our tools. Drive interest to your games, build a new audience.


Our actionable insights into your game design will improve your gameplay and leave your players asking for more.

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How it Works

Super easy stuff. I know, everyone says that and you're right to be skeptical. We've built games, we know the pain that SDKs can be. Itavio is a SDK for game developers designed by game developers.

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Get the plugin. It's easy, our integration specialists are on hand to help.

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Stop telling your players how to turn off in app purchases.

One pop-up allows players to opt-in and spend.

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Access players who are already a part of our network.

They will be notified that your game supports their allowance in our games listings.

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See your potential revenue with our get balance feature.

Make sure you're setting the right price at the right time.

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Itavio is proud to be working with and supported by some of the biggest names in the industry along with some names you will very surely hear more about. We're hard workers and want to surround ourselves with the like.

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